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one afternoon 

April 19. 2018

Check out my latest SHORT "One Afternoon"! and if you had a nice time please Share! 


Written by: Jason DeRosse, Stacey McGunnigle & Rob Baker 

Directed/Edited by: Mike fly 

April 15th. Snow Storm. 3:45 pm. Woman reaches for computer and suddenly realizes she has a tinyletter after many months...possibly a full year of neglect.


Blame it on the spring time snow storm in Toronto, or the soft broadway tracks playing in the background of my apartment I’m subletting, or the fact that I am still in bed at now 3:50pm, but I am feeling nostalgic. Earlier this week I was gifted with a “Remember This” moment from Facebook. Now, I usually pay no attention to those Facebook “memories” because being reminded of how thin my arms were when I was 23 is the harshest punishment anyone could ever receive. But this week a photo popped up of me, arms covered, from my time in Los Angeles about a year ago and I felt like I was looking at a stranger.  It was like looking at a stranger. Who was this 31 year old woman, spending her birthday wearing a big hat and petting a cow? This story isn’t about the cow.

365 day overhaul

April 16. 2018

come to bed

April 17. 2018


I am so excited for the release of Come To Bed! Check it out, and if you enjoy it, please share it! 

Written By: Jason DeRosse, Stacey McGunnigle (Me!), & Rob Baker

Directed/Edited By: Mike Fly 

papa roach changed my life

July. 14th. 2017

I woke up on June 15th feeling like that dusty, gross slipper you find under your bed after years of forgetting you owned it. Where the hell has it been all of these years?! That was me, on June 15th. A Thursday. It started like any other day.  My husband got up to make coffee. Not because I made him do it. He enjoys it. And I pretend that’s adorable, but in truth I would rather lay in bed until that sweet scent of brown water lures me out of my Ikea duvet onto my shitty Ikea couch. Which in truth smells like a gross Karaoke Bar that only has like 5 people there who don’t want to sing.


On the morning of June 15th. A Thursday. I got out of bed, begrudgingly. At that point in my life, the last few months had sort of blended into one another and I was unaware it was a Thursday until Jake Tapper from CNN reminded me. Jake Tapper. Big Fan. My bank account had hit a point where I no longer needed to check it. We had an understanding, that it wouldn’t be frauded and I wouldn’t pretend it owed me anything.

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